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Do you wonder what causes those zigzag paths of dead grass across the yard?  By the time you realize you have a lawn mole problem, the damage is done. Galbraith’s Landscaping & Lawn Care puts affordable, professional mole elimination and prevention techniques to work around your home or business, and we offer the best lawn restoration services in the greater Fort Wayne area.

They don’t grow bigger here in northeast Indiana, but these chipmunk-sized rodents inflict expensive damage on residential and commercial properties. One lawn mole consumes approximately 50 pounds of insects, grubs and worms every year, and its main dining room lies right below your yard. Moles can excavate an 18-foot tunnel in an hour as they forage underneath your lawn. They aren’t blind, and they have a keen sense of smell. These pests don’t just eat their way through your yard. They build nests, mate and raise families.

Reading the molehill landscape isn’t hard once you understand their habits. Large dirt piles mark the nest, smaller hills follow the direction of deep tunnels, and a raised line of turf indicates shallow underpasses. All this digging puts severe strain on your lawn’s root system. It destabilizes surface soil creating walking hazards, and it can pose structural problems under patios and sidewalks. Lawn moles destroy gardens, ruin natural pathways and undermine the beauty and value of your property.

While you might be tempted to try a DIY approach to the problem, home remedies and repellants are temporary at best. Our teams are highly trained in lawn mole removal, and we customize our industry-proven solutions to your property. We develop a combination plan of modern trapping strategies and effective pest control techniques that eliminate lawn moles and their food source. From residential yards to commercial grounds, we provide professional solutions to your mole problems.

Whether you’ve just noticed the first signs of lawn moles or they’ve already done serious damage, our team is ready to respond with proven techniques that eliminate moles and reclaim your yard’s natural good looks. We put more than 65 years of experience at your service, and our estimates are always free.

Mole Control Service

Service Starts At:$50Per Zone

Eliminate Moles from the Lawn

Set Child & Pet Safe Traps
3-4 Traps Per Zone
Reset Traps if Accidentally Tripped
Remove Caught Moles $50 / Mole


We generally combine trapping with a grub control treatment to help eliminate a potential food source.  Our trapping service sets several traps in a zone of damage.  Since moles are generally solitary rodents, this usually means one mole’s feeding area.  We can setup several zones if different areas of the yard are affected.  When one of our traps trip then contact us and we will return to either check and reset the traps or remove the captured mole.

We generally try to check our traps every 5 days.  But, if a trap is tripped between visits then simply call us and let us know.  We will be by to check it asap.

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