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  When we are designing a landscape for the bare lot surrounding your new home, we think of it as an adventure in creativity. Perhaps your property needs only a few small, easily doable projects to make it more attractive. Or perhaps you have dreams of a garden oasis. Either way, we feel it’s important to consider how each change will relate to the big picture.

When we design and install a landscape starting at square one, we always will tell our customers that a master plan is the key to any successful landscape project. A master plan is more than a drawing or a design — it’s a well-thought-out plan of action that includes the design. Any new landscape project becomes more attainable when you’re willing to accomplish the plan in stages.

Many of our customers like us to work — and budget — on the basis of a three-year plan. You won’t regret spending the time on having us design a master plan for your project. When we’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful and functional landscape to show for your efforts

In the event you want the instant satisfaction of a completed landscape the day you move in, we can absolutely accomplish that for you. From using large established trees in the landscape to installing sod instead of seed to give you that instant WOW factor that will make your new neighbors jealous.

After all, we feel that landscaping is a practical yet personal process, and we want the outcome to be as wonderful as you do. What could be more rewarding than having us design your home’s landscape, transforming your plans into reality, and enjoying the results for years to come? Trends such as vegetable gardening, fountains, rose displays, and spring bulbs can be the icing on the cake in keeping the whole process fresh, appealing, and exciting.

Benefits of a Galbraith's Design & Installation

  • A professional Galbraith's design & installation can increase the value of your home by as much as 15% over comparable houses.
  • Our designers are trained to think about your landscape as a system. We assess your property's problem areas and create solid solutions.
  • Our designs give you a new, easy-care look that encourages you to relax outdoors more while spending less time on maintenance.
  • We design our landscapes to bring order to your yard by setting areas in your yard for specific activities - from cooking to dining to roasting marshmallows. Take celebrations outdoors and enjoy more of what your home has to offer from day to night.
  • Our designs turn unused spaces to functional areas.
  • We always try to create a balance between the natural landscape and man-made design elements such as water features or paving materials in order to highlight the natural beauty of your yard.


The best time to contact us about the landscaping is just before the concrete for the drive and walks are installed.  Often times we make recommendations that remedy many potential problem areas in the standard layout designs before they become permanent problem areas that a homeowner has to deal with for years to come.  Once the concrete is installed we then can bring our landscape crews in and begin the moving soil for grading and planting.

Most builders will work a deal out with a homeowner if they decide to have the landscape and seeding done by an actual landscape company.  Once that deal is in place you can often use the money reserved for it toward your new company.  If your builder won’t work with you on this we do recommend that at the very least you insist on supplying the grass seed used to put the lawn in.  Most lawn installers use the absolute cheapest seed to install your lawn.  This low quality seed causes issues for years to come and can cost several thousands of dollars to fix.  You can contact us for quality grass seed and instructions on maintenance afterward.

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