Product Spotlight: Green Resistor Grass Seed

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This blend of excellent turf-type tall fescue varieties allows the turf to stay green during periods of heat, drought and disease stress, especially during Brown Patch season.
Green Resistor Seed

Green Resistor is a Galbraith’s Landscaping & Lawn Care employees’ favorite. Green Resistor is 100% turf-type tall fescue blend of 4 elite varieties and has a long reputation of being a great grass mix to go on a variety of growing scenarios. It does well in sun and partially shady areas. When it is sown at a high rate, 10-12#/1,000 sq. ft., a pure stand forms a moderate to coarse-textured lawn that is uniform in appearance with good weed and disease resistance. Green Resistor scores a 5 out of 5 in wear, traffic, heat and drought. It has the “XRE” icon designating its ability for early and aggressive tillering traits which will improve the density and rapid regrowth of your lawn after every mowing. This is a perfect mix for the “grass-snob” who wants an envious yard, but also wants minimal maintenance.  You can seed Green Resistor® from March-May and August- September. We recommend new seedings be planted at 8-10#/1,000sq. ft. and overseedings be planted at 4-8#/1,000 sq. ft.. Green Resistor is sold in 50# bags, and by the pound in our garden center.

Green Resistor Lawn
Joe Galbraith

Joe Galbraith

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