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Experience the Richness of Our Garden Center

Beyond simply plants, Galbraith's Landscaping and Lawn Care offers a variety of seasonally changing annuals, perennials, garden decor, trees and so much more.

Trees and Shrubs

Galbraith’s Landscaping & Lawn Care offers an amazing array of trees and shrubs for all kinds of landscapes, yards, and patios. Whether you’re looking for flowering or ornamental trees, evergreen trees, flowering shrubs or ground cover shrubs, we have the inventory and knowledge to guide your selection. We take into account tree hardiness, growing season length requirements, disease susceptibility, and more to present you with options for which trees will thrive in your environment. Our expert team is skilled at finding the trees or shrubs to match your landscape’s unique needs.


Our high-quality perennials add color and texture to your garden for several seasons. Galbraith’s wide selection of perennials means you’ll find the classic varieties you know and love as well as more rare and unique options. Our team of expert gardeners is always happy to help you pick the perennials that match your garden’s style. From drought-tolerant and spring blooming perennials to perennials that thrive in the shade, we offer the finest varieties throughout the year.

Annuals and Seasonal Plants

Galbraith’s Landscaping & Lawn Care is full of color all year long. We carry an incredible selection of annuals and bulbs to help you create the garden of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for common annuals that grow well in sun and shade like marigolds, petunias, and impatiens, or need flowering bulbs to add greenery without much hassle, we have a large assortment of plants and flowers to beautify your window boxes, garden, and yard.

Potted Roses

Since 1951, Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care has provided colorful, unique and top-performing roses to the Fort Wayne area. With our wide selection of roses—including award winners, hybrid teas, floribundas, shrub, climbing, tea roses and more, it’s easy to find the right rose for your garden.  Our expert garden center team can answer your questions and help you select from our available varieties.  We carry the most complete selection of Grade A roses in the tri-state area with over 2000 to choose from.

Edible Gardening

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs makes healthy eating, fun. Whether you’re planting in raised beds, in containers on your balcony, or window boxes outside your kitchen, Galbraith’s has the heirloom and common varieties of all your favorite veggies and herbs. Bring the kids into the garden with you to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. Our team’s excited to help you enjoy the tasty benefits of edible gardening.

Garden Decor and Gifts

Featuring art in the garden is a great way to add a personal touch to your landscape. Garden art can be as simple as an inscribed stone set along a pathway or as special as a one-of-a-kind artwork nestled in a flowerbed. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care sells a wide variety of garden art that is beautiful in its own right, but which assumes its full potential when placed in the garden. We carry colorful art poles, unique wind chimes, playful statuary, and many other items all designed to add character or a touch of whimsy to your outdoor living space.

Fountains and Statuary

Adding a water fountain or statue to your backyard or landscape increases the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of your outdoor space. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care supports your plans for a backyard oasis, offering fountains and statuary year round. Work with our team of landscape professionals to discover the right style of garden art for your environment.

Bulk Soil and Mulch

Execute your landscaping project with the highest quality bulk materials. From our twice shredded dyed mulches to our quality garden soil mixture, Galbraith’s has the bulk materials you need to complete your project in style. Work with our team of professionals to determine the type and amount of each material that your project requires.

Bulk Grass Seed

Beautiful lawns get noticed. Galbraith’s will help you stand out for the right reasons. As a lawn and landscape leader for more than 65 years, we know how to transform a lawn. Our quality turf seed products are known to produce beautiful lawns that you’ll take pride in and create curb appeal that adds value. We recognize that the science is in the seed.  Trying to grow a lush, green turf with the “wrong” seed is like trying to grow an apple tree from pumpkin seed – no amount of effort will give you the desired result. Our Earth Carpet Grass Seed brings a revolutionary approach from years cultivating the right seeds for the right conditions.

Lawn Sod

Your yard is one of the most important pieces of your landscape. The lawn provides a comfortable living area, like a carpet in a room. It sets the stage and a well tended, healthy lawn increases the property value of your home. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care provides a fresh-cut quality sod that is easy to work with and roots well into our often difficult soil conditions.  Our seasoned landscape professionals can provide assistance in measuring your space to make sure that your are ordering an accurate amount of turf to complete your project.  From patching small areas in an already established lawn to sodding an entire estate Galbraith’s will provide you with the quality and expertise your project deserves.  So don’t wait for grass to grow.  Sod it.

Lawn and Garden Fertilizers

Just like us, plants need food – good food. Plants require balanced fertilizer, filled with lots of nutrition to help them grow strong, produce healthy blooms and fruit. And just like plants that come in many different varieties so do fertilizers. Some plants like high nitrogen fertilizers, some like low nitrogen fertilizers. Some plants want to be fed weekly; some only need to be fed a few times a year. With all the options, you might be overwhelmed as to what your plant will need. However, our experts have all of the answers to help you feed your lawn and landscape to grown lush flowers, fruit, or turf.

Lawn and Garden Products

With Galbraith’s assortment of garden products and seasoned staff, maintaining your healthy garden and lawn just got easier. Consult with our expert team to troubleshoot growing challenges, pesky insect problems, or ask general questions about lawn care. We offer a wide variety of insecticides, fungicides, weed control products, garden tools, soil amendments, and more for your yard and gardening needs.